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Onesoles®  Call for more info or to order 866 NEAT 911

One of the most comfortable and fun shoes you will ever wear are Onesoles®. Invented by a pharmacist who stood on her feet 12 hours a day, this incredibly comfortable and fun shoe is almost too good to be true.

Not only is this shoe fabulous because of its comfort, the top (or strap) of the shoe is actually interchangeable. With a wide variety of strap styles, colors and designs to choose from, you can easily make it look like you have hundreds of different pairs of shoes. And while all your friends are assuming you have mountains of shoes, secretly you’ll know that your closet is really occupied by just “one sole.” Imagine being able to honestly reply, “Just one.” when your husband asks, “Honey, how many new pairs of shoes did you buy?”

Like the straps, the shoe itself comes in different styles and colors. So you start by picking the heel style, height, and shoe color that’s right for you, and you finish by selecting the extra interchangeable tops (straps) that you like. And, if you travel, is this ever the shoe for you! Being able to pack one pair of shoes with multiple interchangeable straps is sure to help you win the battle to keep your suitcase from exceeding the airlines’ 50 lb weight limit.


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